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Michael Fried

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Art and Objecthood: Essays and Reviews

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Art and objecthood essays and reviews

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Later Career Michael Fried abandoned art criticism inand steered his writing toward pinpointing the trajectory and overall meaning of Modernism in art, from the 19th century to the present day.

Michael Martin Fried (born April 12, in New York City) is a modernist art critic and art historian. He studied at Princeton University and Harvard University and was a Rhodes Scholar at Merton College, Oxford. He is currently the J.R.

Herbert Boone Professor of Humanities and Art History at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

This essay recalls Michael Fried’s theoretical framework of his essay “Art and Objecthood” () and discusses the usefullness of his category of.

Apr 19,  · Michael Fried is an art historian and critic best known for his essay, “Art and Objecthood” first published in in Artforum.

He was educated at Princeton, Oxford and Harvard and taught at Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. The book Art and Objecthood: Essays and Reviews, Michael Fried is published by University of Chicago Press.

Michael Fried’s often controversial art criticism defines the contours of late modernism in the visual arts. Unlike art, the gestalt of objecthood necessitates that the only meaningful relationship is between the thing and the surrounding space.

Art objecthood michael fried essay
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