Bombing of fort sumter essay

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Battle of Fort Sumter

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Battle of Fort Sumter

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Battle Of Fort Sumter

The attack on Fort Sumter was an attack on a U.S. fort of the coast of South Carolina when President Abraham Lincoln tried to restock the fort in and the Confederates attack, sparking the Civil War.

Battle Of Fort Sumter

4. Explain what dangers the men within Fort Sumter face. 5. Describe the destruction that is visible to Fort Sumter from inside the fort.

6. Based upon the illustration why do you think that no soldiers can be seen on the top level firing the cannon? Document C: The following two excerpts are from the April 27th, edition of Harper’s Weekly.

Battle Of Fort Sumter Summary: The Battle of Fort Sumter was the first battle of the American Civil War. The intense Confederate artillery bombardment of Major Robert Anderson’s small Union garrison in the unfinished fort in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina, had.

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Bombing of Fort Sumter Essay - Bombing of Fort Sumter The event of this paper changes the lives of many people that time and today. This event leads to the great and terrible war that destroys families and a way of life for some people.

Attack of Fort Sumter Essay

This is one event change the south for good and for bad. Bombing of Fort Sumter The event of this paper changes the lives of many people that time and today.

This event leads to the great and terrible war that destroys families and a way of life for some people.

Bombing of fort sumter essay
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