Flavoured milk essay

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How flavoured milk impacts our health

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Flavored Milk

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Flavored Milk

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Flavoured Milk Essay - Part 2

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Dobbins, about 3 teaspoons of added sugar – much lower than the amount of sugar that is added to cola and sports drink. And choco-late milk, unlike the other flavored drinks, gives important nutrients, including protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium.

Muller Dairy moves into the chilled flavoured milk market 2 August Müller Dairy, the brand leader in the Chilled Yogurt and Pot Desserts category, is bringing the respected and trusted Müller brand name to the burgeoning £99 million chilled flavoured milk drinks category with the summer launch of a trio of Müller Milk lines.

Milk industry like Country’s life organic milk, Nestle Milk & flavoured milk brands like FRIJJ, Milka, Rose Milk etc. Hence our competition is highly existing and established milk brands in the market. Flavoured milk The flavoured milk market is one of the fastest growing dairy sectors.

There are a wide variety of flavours and consistencies to cater for all ages and tastes with a choice of long-life (i.

e. Ultra Heat Treated or sterilised) or fresh flavoured milk. Video: “Remove Chocolate Milk From Schools” featuring Chef Ann Cooper, Director of the School Lunch Program for the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado.

Blog article: “The Chocolate Milk Mistake” by Dina Rose, Ph.D. Flavored milk has vital nutrients that kids need, and kids are more likely to drink milk if it is flavored, plus if schools ban flavored milk some of the white milk will go to waste. Angela Jenkins a health coach says that “flavored or not milk is the number 1 source of calcium” in .

Flavoured milk essay
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