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The Hippopotamus Essay- Essay on Hippopotamus for Students

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There are two main symbols in this poem, the hippo and The Church. Through hoot the poem, the stanzas are broken up between the two symbols, describing the hi pop in the beginning of the stanza and The Church in the end. In determining a solution for this problem we had to think of it as an algebraic equation.

In our solution, we assigned variables to the weight of the hippos from the lightest “a” to to the heaviest “d”. Same-sex marriage, civil unions, etc. in Minnesota, poll, polls, predict.

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THE BROAD-BACKED hippopotamus: Rests on his belly in the mud; Although he seems so firm to us: He is merely flesh and blood.

Flesh and blood is weak and frail, 5: Susceptible to nervous shock.

Hippopotamus essays
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