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Job Enrichment and Job Rotation Essay Sample

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Team Work and Motivation

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Essay on Job Enrichment | Motivational Technique

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This is because their jobs are already challenging. The main criticism remains that Job enrichment is built upon Herzberg’s two factor theory and individuals respond differently to an enriched job and not in a standard universal fashion as posited by the Two Factor theory and job enrichment.

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Essay # 1. Meaning of Job Enrichment: Fredrick Herzberg gave greater emphasis on job enrichment in his two factor theory. He assumed that in order to motivate personnel, the job must be designed to provide opportunities for achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement and growth. This essay will discuss about the content theory of Herzberg Motivation-Hygiene Theory and the process theory of Adam’s Equity Theory.

It also discusses how job design can affect employee’s motivation and the similarities and differences from both theories.

Job Enrichment

He is credited with the introduction of the “job-enrichment” and the “motivator-hygiene” theory. Herzberg’s theories on management advocate for intrinsic motivation of employees rather than extrinsic motivation.

Job Enrichment and Job Rotation Essay Sample. Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine job enrichment and job rotation – how these programs can motivate employees to do their jobs better and the ways that managers use job enrichment and rotation to motivate employees.

Once the job description has been created, the organization can look for further source of motivation to liven up and regain the strength of bored employees. Frederick Herzberg, author of The Motivation to Work, said that employees can best be motivated by three techniques which include job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment (Gabriel ).

Motivation theory of job enrichment essay
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