Sir alexander tilloch galt biography essay

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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt - Canada's first finance minister

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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt

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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt Biography Essay

GALT, Sir ALEXANDER TILLOCH, businessman scathing work, as in Civil liberty in Lower Canada, a more substantial essay, Galt took up arms against the schemings of the ultramontanes in Quebec, which had In addition to the works mentioned in the biography itself, Alexander Tilloch Galt is the author of The Saint Lawrence and.

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Alexander Tilloch Galt

Alexander Tilloch Galt, who was of Scottish descent, spent his early years with his brothers John and Thomas partly in the London area, partly in Scotland.

Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt wore many hats over seventy six years; politician, promoter, father, author, manager, railway man. His portly, erect form was familiar for a quarter century of public life, during which he counselled various leaders and supported different ministries, but he never lost the respect of the common people.

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Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt () was a Canadian politician responsible for the financial provisions of Canadian federation as well as for some of Canada's first steps in diplomacy. Alexander Galt was born in Chelsea, London, on Sept. 6,the youngest son of John Galt, the Scottish novelist.

Sir alexander tilloch galt biography essay
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